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So here it is, a week before our inaugural football season and with all the buzz in the air I thought it would be a great introduction to our new social network for sports fans. People may ask “why would I care if I have Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Google+”? It's really quite simple. We are aiming to be a social network for sports fans of common interests.

Facebook is great to show pictures of family trips, funny postcards or even how great/crappy of day you are having. Twitter is great for saying what you are doing at the moment. Linkedin can help you build your career network….BUT, not everyone on those networks really care about sports recruiting, who scores the first touch EVER in Niner history, what a great job the coach is doing or how proud you are to be a Niner.

But WE do!!!

We love sports. We love rooting for our team. And we are not the only ones….there is a whole Niner Nation ready to share thoughts! So let's face it, if you bleed green and gold, you belong here.

So what's next?

Tons. We are just getting started, in fact Charlotte is only the second school on the network. We, some of us Niner Alumni, started this idea when we built a social site about the Georgia Bulldogs. We got such an overwhelming response that we decided to duplicate efforts for other fanbases. With that said, during our spare time, with a team of only three people and not a single dime of funding, we designed, wrote articles, coded and built what you see today. Our plans are to launch the entire SEC and the Niners during the first wave of test sites…followed by many, many more.

As of now, our members can post discussions and write their own blogs (for the fans who have a lot to get off their chest!). We will soon add the functionality to share photos and news articles. We also have pulled in several RSS feeds so you can get news hot off the press that updates every couple of minutes.

During the next couple of months, we ask for your patience….we are working out some bugs and adding a lot of functionality to increase the overall experience. We hope you enjoy our new home for social fans and most of all…..



Photo credit Charlotte49ers.com

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Glad to be here!

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