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Although the uniform has been out for quite some time, the site hasn't...so I think I'll review the uniforms now, 2 days from our first kickoff!

Photo credit: TODD SUMLIN Charlotte Observer

First, let me state that I love the uniforms, but I love them in a way that we didn't have uniforms prior to this year and I'm glad we have a team to wear them. Why is this even a big deal? Well, the big reasons would be tradition and school representation, but the cool factor for recruitment is pretty big. If you have decades of tradition and a storied program that can sell itself, congratulations. We do not. Meanwhile, the Oregon's, Maryland's and Boise's are all turning heads (some for the worse...Maryland) and standing out.

So in this review, understand my positives outweigh the negative, but I do think we could have done some small tweaks that could have pushed the envelope.

Let's Start With The Positive

I love the multiple options. With using only two colors, we have the four available options: we can go all out "pure" with white, darken things up in all green, and then of course having half green and half white. Look, I know we aren't Oregon, but this is a big deal and keeps us fresh. I would have loved if we threw in a black option, but that's more fun for night games. With our basketball team wearing black every now and then, I'm sure we will see a black option in our future.

Another thing I like is our brand: Nike. They just put the best styles and equipment out there. There are others that are close, but Nike has been pretty much the elite, even gaining the NFL license.

Now the Negative

Don't get me wrong, I love the green and white as much as the next Niner, but to me one key element seems to be missing. Although it's not an official color of the school (even though it's in our logo), but we are the Niners, so where's the gold?

I don't think we needed to over indulge in the color, but maybe something small like gold trim on the green or maybe our numbers with a white trim to make them pop. This would have looked outstanding on our green uniforms.

To be honest, the only thing I really don't care much about is the helmet. It's fine, it's just white. I'm totally aware that the student athletes chose this, but I really think the helmet is the centerpiece of the uniform. You can identify any team by the helmet, even Penn State and Notre Dame. To be honest, I loved the helmet they were showing in the promos to get the team, the dark green with gold stripe looked great. To completely win my heart, they could have made the helmet a gold color.


This is the helmet I preferred. Campus News

Gameday helmet.  Niner Online


Regardless, we have a team which is the thing I care most about, and then we have a uniform that I'm pleased with. This is simply the first step to a legacy. We are not Alabama or Georgia or Ohio State or Notre Dame or Texas...we can do whatever we want (as long as funding is available). Down the road, I'm sure other enhancements will be made, and I'm cool with that...just as long as we don't down the Maryland path:

No. Just no.

So everybody get ready. Get out your best green and cheer the Niners, who will presumably be running out on on the field for the first time with their Green on Green uniforms (my personal favorite variation)!

Pick'Em NINERS!!!!

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After seeing the uniforms in action I thought they looked better than expected, esp the white helmet. The whole package looks clean and modern without over doing it.
Yeah, I agree....and I was totally wrong about them wearing the Green on Green, though....I think those will still be my favorite!

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