Niner Elite: Jobey Thomas

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Position: SG
From: Charlotte, NC
From: Independence H.S.
Years at Charlotte:

Career Highlights

- Academic All-America (2nd Team, 2002)
- #1 Charlotte's All-time  3 Pointers (346)
- #1 Charlotte's All-time  Games Played (130)
- #1 Charlotte's All-time  Games Started (119)
- #8 Charlotte's All-time Scorer (1,737)
- All-Conference USA Team  (2002)
- 2x Conference USA Champions (1999, 2001)
- 3x NCAA appearances (1999, 2001, 2002)

Charlotte has had its share of sharp 3 point shooters, but the king of that hill is Jobey Thomas. From the beginning, Thomas contributed immediately playing in all 34 games of his freshman year. Opposing teams learned quickly that when Jobey was in the lineup, a devastating storm of 3 pointers was going to follow. It was a pretty simple process, Jobey would cut below the net, run to the 3 point line, catch the pass, release it on the catch, the fans collectively threw their hands up while yelling “THREE!!!” and the ball would easily go in to a rousing applause. It eventually became pretty routine.

But don't let the three point record full you, Jobey Thomas was so much more. In regard to his playing style, he was textbook hustle and grit. He didn't have a lot of size, speed or super athleticism, but this man was a basketball player and a smart one at that. His overwhelming defense would fluster opponents for 40 minutes. He played aggressively and had a motor that rivaled an NFL defensive end and it was pretty common to see him stripping the ball, tipping passes and spending a lot of time diving on the floor after loose balls.

In his four years the Niners went to three NCAA tournaments and were the conference champs twice, which Jobey played a major role. During his junion year, Jobey was challenged when freshman phenom Rodney White went down with an injury and the Niners were still in contention for the post season. Jobey, along with Diego Guevara, answered the call as they shot their way to a Conference USA championship. During his senior year, he finished on top earning making the Academic All-American roster, another Conference USA Championship and capping it all off with the Charlotte 49ers all-time 3 point record, all-time games played and all-time games started records.

Life After College

Today, Jobey Thomas is still playing basketball overseas. After not being drafted by the NBA, Jobey headed to Europe to play basketball, with stops in Italy and Portugal.


Niner Elite is a series that celebrates the legendary players who wore the green and white (and gold) and helped mold the Charlotte 49ers to what it is today. There is no specific order. There is no set number. There is no records that needed to be broken. Just high class 49ers that have made an impact on and off the court/field.

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