Niner Elite: Diego Guevara

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Position: G
From: Venezuela
Years at Charlotte: 1997-2001

Career Highlights

- 1,000 Points Club (1,006)
- #5 Charlotte's All-time  3 Pointers (235)
- #3 Charlotte's All-time Games Played (124)
- 2x Conference USA Champions (1999, 2001)
- 2 NCAA appearances (1999, 2001)


In a time of “live or die by the 3 pointer”, Diego Guevara was a cold blooded murderer on the basketball court. When Guevara was on the court, you might as well ring the alarm as if a squadron of B-52's were entering the area, because soon enough it was “bombs away”. His routine was consistent and often: shoot, score, kiss his first two fingers and point them up to his wife who attended every game.

When Diego showed up in 1999, he provided a deep threat to support a long line of successful Charlotte big men. When Charlotte played UNC for the first time ever it just so happened to be on the big stage…the NCAA tournament. The thing is, one could never let Diego have the slightest pinhole view of the goal from beyond the arc, because he would find the rim and shoot. North Carolina found that out quickly, as Diego fired the ball through the tiniest opening from UNC great, Antawn Jamison to drain the 3 pointer that put the game into overtime and sent the state of North Carolina into a frenzy. Diego had arrived, and the best was yet to come.

Diego was a nightmare for other teams. You have to be, otherwise you wouldn't be the one that rival teams boo every time you touch the ball or make custom t-shirts that read “Hey Diego, kiss this!”. But it didn't matter. Diego was going to bring his best games against the biggest opponents, including any ranking Cincinnati had on them. During the game where the Niners upset #3 Cincinnati, Guevara told head coach Bobby Huggins to “call 911, because the house is on fire”….which was later added to a promotional bobble head years later. How's that for sealing your Niner legacy!?

Life after college

Today, Diego continues to play basketball in the Venezuelan league. He has also played in the Puerto Rican league in the past.

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