Niner Elite: Curtis Withers

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Position: PF
From: Charlotte, NC
High School: West Charlotte High School
Years at Charlotte: 2002-2006

Career Highlights

- 2x All-Conference USA Team  (2004, 2005)
- All-Atlantic 10 Team  (2006)
- #3 Charlotte's all-time leading rebounder (1,042)
- #3 Charlotte's all-time dunks (101)
- #7  Charlotte's all-time leading scorer (1,750)
- #7  Charlotte's all-time games started (104)
- #8 Charlotte's all-time blocked shots (89)
- #10 Charlotte's all-time field goals made (615)
- Conference USA Champions (2004)
- 2x NCAA appearance (2004, 2005)

As one of the Charlotte 49ers most elite players in school history, Curtis Withers delivered in every aspect of the game. A picture perfect forward that was big, strong and athletic with the ability to find the basket, defend the paint and shoot from mid-range. With his type of versatility, it's no wonder why he sits in the top 10 for scoring, rebounds, blocks, field goals, dunks and starts.

Another hometown hero, Withers arrival was highly anticipated after being named High School Player of the Year by the Charlotte Observer. Withers was the most complete all-around player since Demarco Johnson and when he arrived he shined. When Curtis Withers was on the court he had one motive: dominate. On one end of the court you could see him muscling his way to the basket or flying through the air on a dunk, and on the other end he could be found crashing the boards and blocking opposing shots into the stands. But Curtis wasn't just power, he had a nice soft touch on his mid-range jumper.

Withers, along with Eddie Basden, lead the charge in one of Charlotte's most successful era's in Niner history. The two created a super hero dynamic duo that was more like “Batman and Batman” than “Batman and Robin”. The two of them took turns destroying opponents which in turn led to two 20+ win seasons, two NCAA appearances and a Conference USA title.

When it was all said and done, Curtis finished with over 1,500 points and over 750 rebounds, putting him in company with Niner greats Cedric Maxwell, Demarco Johnson and Jarvis Lang. He also became the third Niner to be on the first team all- league 3 years in a row.

After College

Curtis has played professional basketball all over the world with stints in Colombia, Venezuela, South Korea, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Mexico, Spain, and China. 


Niner Elite is a series that celebrates legendary players who wore the green and white (and gold) and helped mold the brand to what it is today. There is no specific order. There is no set number. Just 49ers that have made an impact on and off the court.

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