Niner Elite: Cedric “Cornbread” Maxwell

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Position: PF/C
Hometown: Kinston, NC
High School: Kinston High School
Years at Charlotte: 1973-1977

Career Highlights

- Sun Belt Conference Player of the Year (1977)
- Charlotte's all-time leading rebounder (1,117)
- #6 Charlotte's all-time  leading scorer (1,824)
- #33 retired by Charlotte
- Final Four appearance
- 12th overall pick of the NBA draft
- 2x NBA Champion with the Boston Celtics (1981 and 1984)
- NBA Finals MVP (1981)
- #31 retired by Boston Celtics

When discussing Niner Elite, there is no one above Cedric “Cornbread” Maxwell…so let's just get him out of the way. Ever since stepping on the Charlotte Campus, Cornbread's stature and personality made him larger than life. During his time at Charlotte, he was the Niners best player and the face of the university. His athleticism and dominating presence in the low post helped drive the Niners to a magical run to the Final Four in 1977. His efforts made the Niners the “Gonzaga” before Gonzaga was cool. Despite losing to Marquette by a heart breaking buzzer beater, Cedric put Charlotte on the map, deep in the land of Tarheels and Blue Devils, and opened the doors for future elite players.

You might ask yourself “why did such a stud decided to play at Charlotte”? Well, despite being recruited by other elite programs, it is rumored that he decided to come to Charlotte because the Residence Dining Hall (RDH) was all you can eat. I bet you never thought you'd hear that RDH possibly played a huge role in Charlotte basketball history.

Life After Charlotte

Maxwell went onto to have an equally successful NBA career, winning two world championships including the MVP of the 1981 NBA Finals, despite being in a line up loaded with NBA legends like Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and Robert Parish. The Celtics paid Cedric the ultimate respect when they retired his #31 jersey.

Today, Cedric is a radio broadcaster where he announces games for the Boston Celtics and lives in Weston, MA.


Niner Elite is a series that celebrates legendary players who wore the green and white (and gold) and helped mold the brand to what it is today. There is no specific order. There is no set number. Just 49ers that have made an impact on and off the court.




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