My, Look How Far We’ve Come

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If you are anything like me, you have spent some time as an undergrad waiting for Niner basketball season to start since there was basically nothing for us to cheer about in the fall (Don't get me wrong, I love our soccer team, but it's different). You spent time watching other schools play on Saturday. Fans coming together and cheering for wins, or complaining about losses. You've seen other state schools win championships (App State), in-state rivalries like Carolina vs NC State or even Duke. You may have even caught wind of other local schools playing, smaller schools like Davidson, Wingate or even JC Smith….and then you wondered “why the heck are we not playing football?”

We have all been sucked into the conspiracies of why we don't have a team. The theories about how much money it would cost to start, or would the city support it, or UNC wanted to hold back its little brother….or even Bonnie Cone pulling her donations if we started a team because her son was killed playing football. Who knew what to believe or whether any of that was true? Back then, we all knew the “facts”. All I know is that although we should have done this decades ago, we're finally here!

When Chancellor Phillip Dubois came to campus, he always hinted at getting a team, but was always careful to backtrack his comments to prevent other conspiracies. Then with a big push from a group of students and alumni, the time was right. They had to go through tons of bureaucratic mumbo jumbo, but one message was pretty clear and was being proven by MAJORITY of other major schools…College Football is a money maker. This is benefits the entire University and it's growth….and we're making a push to be the largest in the state. How could they say no?

So here we are. We watched the team get accepted into our athletic program. We watched the coach selection. We watched the stadium get constructed (as well as several other facilities….the campus has never looked better). We scouted recruits. We watched our first signing day. We watched our team be the first team EVER to join the FBS (Division 1) before holding its first practice. We watched the uniforms get revealed. We even had about 15,000 people show up to our first spring game….

…and now, we are 6 days away from playing our first game.

If you are like me, you are getting chills. This took forever, but it's real. It's happening. This is a big week for the Niner Nation!!


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Go Niners Go! Would have loved to have been on the dance team for football but so excited for the Niners now! The picture is beautiful!
Hahah...I'm sure that would have been fun! Thanks joining us!
It is amazing how far UNC-Charlotte has come. The stadium and the campus has elevated to a completely new level. Very proud of Charlotte.

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